Pennsylvania – Girls FAQ

What do you offer?
HEADstrong Pennsylvania Girls Lacrosse Club believes in quality not quantity lacrosse education. Our club provides a personal and individualized coaching environment for girls in Chester County, PA and from the Philadelphia Metro area.

What is expected of a HEADstrong student-athlete?
A HEADstrong student-athlete understands and commits themselves to HEADstrong’s Core Values.  

Honor all commitments
Efficient use of our resources
Accountable for our actions
Dedicated to our cause
Service to our communities
Trusting and trustworthy
Relentless in our efforts
Obligated to make a difference
Nurture all those affected
Give our best

When are tryouts for the club team?
Evaluations for club team roster players take place every year in July/August with select tryout dates for individual teams in the spring. 

What if I cannot make the tryout date?
If you have a conflict on the date of our tryout please email us and we will let you know if we have alternate / make up dates available.

Can my daughter try out?
Yes! All players are encouraged to attend tryouts as it is a great opportunity to compete and learn. 

How many players are on a HEADstrong team?
A HEADstrong team usually consists of 20-25 players.

How many HEADstrong teams per grade?
There is usually 1 HEADstrong team per grade. 

How many coaches per HEADstrong team?
A HEADstrong team usually consists of 1 Head Coach and 1-2 Assistant Coaches

What is the commitment?
The program will operate in a year-round format integrating fall team training sessions, fall ball league,  fall tournament play, winter skill development sessions & indoor league play, spring community service and summer team training and tournament play.

What about multi-sport athletes?
We promote multi-sport athletes. HEADstrong recognizes the importance of becoming an all around athlete and we encourage players to pursue their other interests. With that being said, we are an elite club team that requires a high level of commitment. Staff is flexible to our athletes and are understanding of prior commitments. 

Where are practices?
Locations vary per team but are all in the greater Chester County area. 

Where are your players from?
Players represented are from Chester County and Philadelphia metro area.

What are the costs associated with these teams?
Costs are minimized because we are a 501c3 non profit organization. Club membership fees vary by youth teams and high school recruiting teams and are competitive with other club programs. We offer multiple payment plans and financial assistance. A portion of each players registration goes directly back to supporting the mission of the HEADstrong Foundation.

Do I have any additional fees?
No. Annual registration fees cover the entirety of the team program.  For any additional opportunities some fees may apply. Those include camps, clinics, tournaments and leagues. Additionally, you are responsible for all travel and hotel fees.

Do you offer refunds?
The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club issues player refunds for medical related reasons.  A valid doctor’s note must be submitted with all refund requests. All other refund requests must be submitted to the Director of Sports Operations for further review and approval.  Refunds or credits will be determined on a case by case basis

Do I have to come to all of the events?
Attendance is strongly encouraged, as we have a tournament package that we expect all members to attend.  All the other special events outside of the packaged events are optional. 

What do I do if I want to get HEADstrong gear?
HEADstrong is committed to providing each player with the things necessary to compete. However, we also have gear for the parents and players to enjoy. We have an online store with the most up to date gear that is available twice a year! This will always be posted on our website. Helmet is NOT required. 

What if I have questions about college?
We are committed to assisting you in finding the best fit for you to compete at the college level. As a coaching staff we are always happy to help you compose your college list and discuss your future. You can email your respective coach with questions.