Pete Adorno


Grew up playing lacrosse, football, and basketball on the south shore of Long Island. Played 4 years of lacrosse (defense) and 1 year of football (Quarterback) at RPI. Graduated RPI with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and currently work at Lockheed Martin. I live in Philadelphia with my girlfriend and currently pursuing a masters degree at Drexel. 

What does HEADstrong mean to you?

While growing up on Long Island playing lacrosse I always wore the signature neon green HEADstrong laces on my cleats, but never quite understood the deeper meaning behind them. Eventually when I grew old enough to look into what HEADstrong was I realized just how much good the foundation does for families affected by cancer. Cancer became personal for my family 2 years ago when my sister, the oldest of my 4 siblings, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. Kelly was diagnosed shortly after having her first child and while pregnant with her second child. Kelly battled for over a year with aggressive chemo while pregnant and not only had a healthy second child but is currently cancer free. With double negative breast cancer, we know that her fight is never over and that this horrible disease has the potential to come back. HEADstrong has taken on a whole new meaning for me as I see all the good that the foundation does for families fighting this disease. I’m honored to be a part of this great organization and hope that we can get our playerst to recognize that they’re part of something much bigger than lacrosse.